MASOPUST 2017 – 25th February 2017


The mysterious, lively and mythical procession of local and visiting masks is setting out on its 20th journey. Come and meet, befriend and dance together – Bear with Bear, Death with Death and Monkey with Monkey!



Masks are due to meet at the Roztoky Chateau at 1:00 p.m. for the coronation of a beautiful and cunning Masopust Queen. Once crowned, the Queen will lead a boisterous parade of masks up the Kroupka hill, across the town square and towards Únětice to meet masked parades from Suchdol, Únětice (and maybe Úholičky) at Holý vrch hilltop. The joint parades will then return to Roztoky where an enormous, warm circus tent with all night entertainment awaits them.

Masks of all ages, nationalities, genders and shapes are welcome.


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Masopust 2016 - Půst a Vrána (foto Josef Mirovský)

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